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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Financial services company

The management of a client's investments by a financial services company. Asset management companies pool funds and invest on behalf of their clients, giving them access to a wider range of traditional and exotic financial products that are typically not available to the average investor.

Costs associated with such services usually restrict access of Asset Management services to high net-worth individuals, corporations, governments, financial intermediaries and investment pools.

Asset Management Accounts refer to the offering of an extensive array of financial products via one group of accounts in one financial institution.

Banking services like cheque writing, credit & debit cards, money market access, brokerage services and lending all available through one financial company and in one statement.

Since investors typically place a larger amount of funds in asset management accounts, such accounts usually offer higher returns than can be found in traditional cheque and savings accounts.

Although investors may be able to find lower fees and higher returns through a number of different financial specialists, the convenience of only having to deal with one firm and getting all financial transactions in one statement may make asset management accounts more advantageous to some investors.

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